Why Sell with Us?

Are you selling your Dental Practice?

You have come to the right place as we utilise our exceptional customer service skills when it comes to selling your dental practice in Perth.

Selling any business can be a timely, stressful and confusing time, as it requires strong market knowledge and plenty of research to know where to target buyers and how much to ask for.

This is where Health Practice Brokers come in, we understand the market and conduct a full analysis of your business to find the right buyers for your practice.

We take in to consideration the goodwill, plant and equipment value, location, and many other key aspects when assessing the value of your business to ensure nothing is left out that could add value to your selling price.

Health Practice Brokers work alongside you and your business and will always have your best interests at heart when selling your business.

Why Sell Through Health Practice Brokers?

  • We conduct a full market assessment of your business.
  • We consistently research and evaluate the market, so that our sellers have the most up to date market knowledge.
  • We take into consideration the value of the entire business.
  • We are a small, independently owned brokerage who work alongside your business to provide a professional, personalised service for our valued clients.
  • We employ our strong customer service skills to help you sell your practice with ease.